Your Expectations

Expectations. These are a major problem for me, though I have gotten better at dealing with them.

Growing up people expected me to be a good student. They expected me to stay a cheerleader. Now people expect me to be Mormon, to act better, to know how to read music, to be skinny and married.

Some of these expectations I agree with and they have become goals for me. I do want to be skinny, I do want to read music and be a better actress. But I want to break out of expectations. This isn’t rebellion. I’m not a teenage trying to do the opposite of what my parents want me to do. I am being an adult and being true to myself.

I do things my own way and in my own time, and that is fine. Sure, I may be behind in life if you compare it to someone else. But, guess what. Life is not a race. Success looks different to different people. Some one’s finish line can be different from another’s and that is okay. We all have goals we want to meet and just because someone got to that goal before you did does not mean you lost.

We are all unique, and in such beautiful ways. Why should our end goals be the same when you are your own person?

So whatever your goal is, and make sure it is YOUR goal and what YOU really want, go after it. Try to achieve it at your own pace and with as much strength as you deem appropriate for that action. Because you’ll get there. And even if you don’t you didn’t fail. You make have just found a different goal; a different dream.

People change and so can dreams; it only matters that you believe in yourself and you will achieve what you wish to achieve.


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