Body Image

I wish I could say I love my body, but honestly I don’t.

I wish I could say when I’m thin I’ll be happy, but no I really wont.

Because being thin is always in, no matter what your size

And the world will always judge you based on the width of your thighs.

Being an actor and judged on your looks is hard on the soul

And no matter how you try and stay dedicated you always lose control.

Because people are different, no one is the same, you are you and I’m me.

So why can’t the world focus on that and just let me be?

No, we want to be something different, change the person that was born

So that we can be like celebrities and toot our own horn.

If people could see the real you, the one who hides inside

Would they honestly care what you weigh, what you eat; would they chide?

Be the person you were born to be, the original that was birthed

And maybe the world will be different, our real selves will be unearthed.



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