My Real Family

I’ve mentioned it before; I was adopted. 8 out of the 10 of us kids were adopted; most when we were babies and one when he was 7. I’m not one of those kids who has a desire to find my biological family though.

One of my sister’s found her bio family. It wasn’t a bad thing. She has a small relationship with her bio siblings and got to meet her bio mom. One of my brothers wants to find his bio family because he is certain that it will be a wonderful thing.

I don’t think it is bad to find your bio family. I thought about it when I was taking a family history class back when I was Mormon and went to BYU Idaho. I don’t know much about my bio family and what my parents have tell me I promptly forget. I know I was born in Martin Luther King Hospital in California. I was named Crystal Camille Phillips. That’s about it….

When I was a kid I dreamed that my bio family was rich and famous now and I was going to inherit their money. As I grew up I wondered if I had a bio mother who struggled with her weight and siblings who have the same tongue freckles and small pinky fingers as me. Now that I am older I mainly just wonder my real medical history. What runs in my family?

I don’t really have an urge to look for my bio family. It isn’t that I don’t care about them. I wish them the very vest. But I have a family. I have a mother and father who love me and spoil me rotten. I have brothers and sisters that drive me crazy and that I love dearly. It might be cool to have more family, but I do not lack in that department. No, my real family is the one I was adopted into and I don’t need anything else. Thank you Don and Melanie. You have changed my life and most likely for the better.

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