My Love

I have the best family situation that I think I can have. Sure, we argue and we are a little weird, but deep down we love each other.

My parents chose me. They could have had any child and they picked me; even after having 2 of their own and adopting others.

I love my siblings. I’ve got a 4 older sisters who I adore. The Drama, the Mother, the Emma Stone, and the Beautician. They provide me with a lot of family stories to tell. I’m not as close with my 5 brothers, the Father/Rebel, the Hard Worker, the Defiant, the Artist, and the Baby. I don’t talk to the first three very much but I adore my Artist and my Baby. They keep me going when times are tough.

In a family on 10 kids it can be a little hard to stand out, but we are all unique. I am the proud aunt of 21 nieces and nephews and it is my goal to be the favorite aunt to as many of them as possible. Have you seen Cheaper by the Dozen? Home Alone? Basically every movie scene where you see a big family, that is what life is like at our house.

Food fights, Nerf gun battles, singing and dancing at random times, toys everywhere and comedy around every corner. I wouldn’t trade any of my siblings. They make up who I am. I stay in Utah to be close to my family, even though I’d love to move back to California or New York.

They are my life. They are my love. I’d be nothing without them.


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