Becca Update….

Things are going well!
My show is doing great, we are just gonna start doing runs and perfecting it for a month. AND I’m off book, though I will most likely have to call for lines for the next week. Dances are cute, songs are sounding good, and I am coming out of my shell little by little. It sure is hard to act like a diva when you’re nothing of the sort.

I auditioned for a show (Joseph)  and have another audition on Saturday (Tarzan), though I should be focusing on math this summer. But if I don’t make them I guess it’ll be a good thing and will have satisfied my audition cravings.

Got an A in my block class, 100% to be more accurate. And I am fudging my way through my other two. Well, I do like my fiction writing class and it is helping me edit my book, which is going good. I finally starting writing a little bit again, when I have the time and motivation. I really just have to tell myself to set aside time to write, but it is hard when you only have a couple free hours a day, at the most.

I changed my Facebook name and I am now Becca Rose. This is going to be my stage name and my pen name, mostly because I found there was another girl by my name who acts in Utah. How did that happen?

Weight Loss: not going to well. I gave up on Whole 30 because I don’t have time to cook and don’t always have access to a microwave to heat up my food. I don’t work out because I don’t have the energy or time, but I started Atkins last week and lost 5 pounds so maybe I’ll stick with that. They have bars and shakes for when I’m busy and I can eat as much meat as I want, so not a bad thing. I want to lose at lest 30 pounds before Aida auditions in four months, which is totally do able if I actually stick with something longer than a week. Fingers crossed.

Depression status: basically non existent. I have this bitch under control!



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