A Balancing Act

I know that a lot of people are just like me. They want to do it all. They stretch themselves too thin and then there is no way to even complete one thing they are trying to accomplish.

I totally don’t have the answers. The magazines and books I read say that meditation and treating yourself right will make a busy individual a happy and healthy individual. I haven’t really tried that, but I have my own ways of coping.

I am a creative person. If I don’t have an outlet for that creativity then I will not be a happy person. That is why, even when I am busy, I take on too much. I still go to school, should graduate next Spring, and I work full time. My creative side is expressed in my writing and my acting, so I need to be doing one of those on a daily basis.

This makes me very busy. Example: today I work from 6-11, then I’ll do homework before class which goes from 1-3:45, then I’ll go to the theater around 5:30 until 10:30 for my show. The free time I do have today will be filled with homework and working on my book and some Netflix/Hulu if I have time to chill.

I know there are busier people out there. People who work 50 to 60 hour weeks and are trying to support a family, while I just have myself and my dog to worry about. I also can’t complain because I make myself busy. I purposefully fill my schedule. Down time usually leads to boredom which can trigger my depression.

I think that understanding myself and what I need in my life is what makes life easier to manage. This summer I’ll still be doing school and work and my book, but I won’t have a show for a few months so that means I’ll have space to fill. And I will fill it, because I need to be busy. I may cook, or work out, or actually hang with my friends. Free time should be productive to some extent because staring at a screen for hours on end will not make me happy.

What makes you happy? What do you like to do with the spare time you have? Understanding what you need and trying to accomplish goals you have will make life better and worth living.


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