Goals (Again)

Okay. 30 pounds. 12 weeks. 1 girl.

I’m auditioning for Aida in 12 weeks. I don’t have any crazy dreams that I’ll get the lead, I just want to be cast. My body isn’t exactly “dance ready” though. SO, I looked online and it is possible to lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks.

This will be hard, my ankle is still acting up from the spill I took in my last play (a chase scene in 5 inch heels) so I can’t work out as hard as I would like to. And I am majorly out of shape, so that is a negative.

I have SO much weight I have to lose. Last weigh in I was 277. So I have over 100 pounds to lose to be healthy. Looking at that, 30 pounds is only a small dent, but a dent none the less.

Thankfully I will just be in school and working for those 12 weeks which means I’ll have time to cook and work out. Hopefully, if I don’t lose the weight, I’ll at least have built up my endurance so that I can dance and sing at the same time, or at least better than I can now.

I won’t post pictures cause I think I’m pretty gross without a shirt on, but when the weight is gone I’ll post something to compare. Fingers crossed that this will work and be a jump start to major weight loss.


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