My Greatest Weakness

Yesterday I had a melt down. I was in class and started crying. I was so depressed I went and treated myself to dinner and wine. I considered dropping out of school. Why do I need a degree anyway?

Why did all this happen?


I HATE MATH. I always have. It stresses me out like nothing else does. It makes me want to cry and scream and break things.

I am taking Ology this summer so I can be done with math. For those of you who don’t know what that is, they cram all the math you need to know for your gen ed requirement in one semester so you can get it done. This is important to me because my math credits have expired (stupid rule) and I’d have to test back into math which would put me at the lower end of math classes, which would mean I’d need around three or four semesters worth of math to be done.

I am on track to graduate next year, but I have been holding off on math. I would have had my associates degree a long time ago if it weren’t for math.


Ology is what I’m doing so I can graduate next spring. But it is shoving all my math in one summer semester. I am paying about 2,000 dollars so I can get finished with math. I would pay to NOT take it. I mean, I’m majoring in English with a creative writing and literary studies concentration. I will not need this math.

So, I am forced to do math this way. I have 4 exams, one of which I am doing this week. I Have 4 1/2 hours of math a week. I have homework and studying coming out of my ears. And on top of that I am taking 9 credits at UVU. So, I am stressed. Which means I cry, I eat, and yes I drink. Cause sometimes you’ve gotta say, Fuck you Life. I’m gonna have a glass of wine.


That is my rant for the week. Tears will be shed throughout this whole semester, but please pray that I will pass Ology because if I don’t I do not think I am going to finish college.


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