A Little Sun


My attempt posts combined with the depression I’ve had for the past two days have made things a little gloomy. I want to share my story, but I don’t want to make other people depressed. So I’ll try to include something funny or uplifting between my downer posts.

I had some major depression this week from a money/insurance thing. It made me eat A LOT of calories, leave one class early, and cry during another. That was Wednesday and yesterday it carried over and I was still in a sad/bad mood.


A week ago I won a giveaway and I NEVER win anything. I got the products yesterday. A few of my friends put this business together where, with designs they’ve created, they make hand painted shoes, and shirts, and other cute things. They opened their first line and it is Disney princess inspired.

Displaying image1.JPG

What is great about this line is that the tie with princesses is subtle. I went with the Belle theme and got a cute shirt that says ” I want adventure” and shoes that have roses all over them. It was my happiest moment of the day. Check them out if you want a bit of happiness. Their next line starts at the end of July.


In other good news, I have two block classes at school that end today! Just a final and a poetry reading to do and then I’ll only have two classes for the rest of the semester!

What I really want to do is be done with school. I really want to get back to writing my book; it is so hard to find the time. Luckily, next semester I am taking advanced fiction writing II so writing will be my homework.

I’m looking forward to the next couple weeks because my brother gets married next week and the family is going out of town for that. (My first vacation in years!) And after that will be the fourth of July. So I get to take three days off of work in the next two weeks. I love the little things that make life enjoyable.


I’ll try to be more uplifting, but I also want to tell my story. I will make it obvious when I am posting about my depression so you can skip those blog posts if you like. For now, keep on smiling, sing a song, and enjoy your weekend!




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