Why I Write

I am a writer. I won’t actually call myself an author until I get published, but I write stories and poems and books and papers.

Writing has always been something I enjoyed and, in the case of papers for school, something that has come easily. I feel that I can express myself better through writing than through speaking. It might have to do with being shy, but it also has to do with organizing my thoughts in a way that people can understand.

I want to be a published author of fiction books. Like most writers, I want to be the next J.K. or Sanderson or even Meyers. I want to write something that will be popular and change or influence the lives of others.

I like to write dark fiction (vampires and demons and the devil) but I also enjoy light fantasy as well (unicorns and fairies and magic). When I do get published I hope that doesn’t confuse my readers.

No, to the why I write stories. I write for the same reasons I read; to escape. It isn’t that I hate my life, but life can be hard. It is nice to sit back and escape to another world where you’re troubles are nonexistent. It is the same reason some people watch insane amounts of TV (which I also do).

I also write to create. I love making worlds and characters and seeing how they end up. I like the act of discovering things about my characters that I hadn’t known before I began. I like that I can control what happens in my worlds. I can make characters I can depend on, when my real friends have abandoned me.

I really can’t wait until I graduate. Then I’ll be able to focus on finishing my book, then my trilogy, and then moving on to the next story. Because there is always another story to be told.


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